The Netherlands

The Netherlands

Peter v/d Loop and Roel v/d Camp are the first hooftrimmers in the Netherlands to order and to get the delivered a new 800-1 hydraulic hoof trimming crush. Both hooftrimmers have worked in the past with a Bullbjerg crush and when CowCare SIA introduced the new 800-1 crushes on the Dutch market in the end of 2010 the decission was fast made and a new 800-1 ordered.

In June 2011 we have delivered this crush. And below you will find a movie of Roel and Peter working with the new crush. In the movie you can see that they are used already to this type of crush. The average speed is between 15 and 20 cows in an hour (all 4 legs trimming).


Both hooftrimmers have a fixed system of working, which is very important. As you can see, one hooftrimmers does all the legs on the left side and the other one all the legs on the right side. This ensures the fastest working speed, because you don't need to think about the different steps you need to do and you will not come in the walking area of your partner.

The main reason why Peter and Roel have chosen for a 800-1 hydraulic crush is the fixation of the legs, the double belly band and the elevator of the crush which makes working more ergonomic and easy. Because they are working with two persons on one crush, it is required that all 4 legs can be up at the same moment. Because that ensures the best time efficiency.

Peter and Roel have also ordered a model 200-0 gate system with 8 meter of gates, so they can make a waiting area for the cows, where at least 4 cows can stand in line in front of the crush. This system is for them the most efficient way to ensure a fast and continuous flow of cows. Which decreases their working time and increases the amount of cows they can do in an hour.

To place this whole system in the barn, they are working with an Accu Trolley Wheel. The Accu Trolley Wheel makes moving the crush in the barn and to the washing place very easy. Also from an ergonomic way of thinking it makes work more easy.

To move the whole combination from farm to farm, they are working with a trailer system which is equal to the CowCare fast loader. Only difference that they let the crush pull itself on the trailer instead of working with a leg system.

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Soon here will follow information about the second 800-1 hooftrimming crush delivered in The Netherlands.