Lead-in penmodel 500-0

Lead-in pen model 500-0

Model 500-0 makes rounding up and loading the crush/chute very easy. The cows are herded into the chute with no risk of injury and this can be done easily by one person. All together, the perfect extension to any hooftrimming crush.

Model 500-0 is fitted with a hand pump to hoist the chute onto the wheels. Crane hook for loading and unloading the lead-in pen. 

Dimensions in use:

Length of lead-in gates:    4,00 meter

Length of lead-in pen:       2,50 meter

Weight:                          500 kg.

Dimension for transport:

Length:                           2,05 meter

Weight:                          1,10 meter

Highth:                           1,95 meter

In the picture below you see a lead-in pen placed behind a hoof trimming crush. This model can be used with any brand of hoof trimming crush.

Below you will see a cow standing ready in the lead-in pen, as used during demonstrations in The Netherlands.

Price: € 4.850 ex works Denmark.

For more information call us (tel: 0031 64 22 88 638) or send us an email: CowCareSIA@gmail.com .