We deliver the following Demotec products Europe wide, both in small quantities and pallets (one pallet holds 40 boxes). Variations between different demotec products are possible on one pallet. We deliver both from stocks in the Netherlands and Latvia.







The new PU-power glue

The Demotec EASY BOND II PU-system works with a combination of a cartridge and a mixing tip. The cartridge contains two components of resin.
After inserting the cartridge into the application gun, the resin is pushed through the mixing tip and so gets mixed optimally. The ejected resin is ready for use and can be applied to the claw and the wooden bloc immediately.

  • Strong bonding Even an adhesive layer of 3 mm is sufficient to bond the wooden bloc to the claw tightly.
  • Fast polymerisation The resin polymerises fast. Even after 30 seconds the bloc adheres tightly to the claw. After approx. 2 minutes the bloc can be loaded with full weight.
  • No mixing The resin is mixed automatically by pushing it through the mixing tip and is ready for use immediately.

Important for the optimal bonding:

  • Claw has to be clean and free from loose horn.(Tip: Trim it with a hoof trimming disc and roughen the sole)
  • The claw should be greaseless. (Tip: clean with alcohol)
  • The claw should be dry (Tip: Dry it with a heating gun)
  • Temperature between 18°C and 25°C. If it is colder, please warm up the claw, the bloc and the resin. If it is too warm, please cool the resin.
  • Consume the opened cartridge quickly

Perfect work with perfectly concerted components

  • EASY BOND II cartridge (180 ml) 
  • Kit for 10 treatments.    
  • Mixing tips, pack of 10. 
  • Mixing tips, pack of 100. 
  • Demotec PU-Application gun.




Demotec 90

Demotec 90 is a quick-setting resin supplied as a powder and liquid which, when mixed together (in a beaker that is provided together with a spatula), forms a paste. The paste is then used to bond a wooden block to the bottom of the sound claw of a hoof.



(WA1885) Price Demotec 90, 42 pieces




Demotec 95

Demotec 95 is particularly characterized by its plasticity without being sticky and can be processed only a few seconds after mixing. Using the resin, a wooden block is bonded onto the good hoof by means of the synthetic material.



(WA1866) Price Demotec 95, 14 pieces

(WA1890) Price Demotec 95, 42 pieces





Demotec Easy Bloc

EASY BLOC, an innovative system for this specialised aspect of hoof care - perfected by Demotec.

Hoof problems in cattle can adversely affect both milk yields and weight gain resulting in economic disadvantage.

Demotec EASY BLOC is a new system perfected by Demotec to minimise lameness and effect a fast, easy to use and safe "cure" at a very reasonable cost.


The design of EASY BLOC determined with the help of Dr. Adrian Gonzalez (in conjunction with other specialists in hoof care) was based on the anatomy of the hoof, and its versatility allows claws of any size to be accommodated.

Clean the healthy claw removing dirt and loose horn, pour the liquid into the EASY BLOC, sprinkle powder onto the liquid and place onto the claw.

Within a few minutes the operation is complete - With little trouble, at a low cost!


(WA1820) Price Easy Bloc, 12 pieces

(WA1828) Price Easy Bloc, 36 pieces





Demotec Easy Bloc XXL

A somewhat bigger Easy Bloc, for older, bigger and heavier animals.



Price Easy Bloc XXL, 12 pieces

Price Easy Bloc XXL, 36 pieces




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