Rasps andfiles

Rasps and files


WG1310 Hoof rasp curved model

Price: € 36,-


WG1340 Hoofrasp with 4 different rasp edges

Price: € 36,-


WG1360 Hoof rasp with handle

Price: € 32,50


WG1410 Special oilstone with a thin and a thick side

Price: € 10,35


WG1430 Oilstone with a coarse and a fine grain side

Price: € 14,25


WG1450 Needle file with haft for filing the knife edge

Price: € 19,-


WG1460 Widea metal to sharpen the knife

Price: € 18,-

All prices are ex works NL or DK and ex VAT. If you are interested in one of above products, send an email with the product numbers, your VAT number and your delivery address to cowcaresia@gmail.com or call (0031 64 22 88 638). We will contact you to discuss how to send the product to you.