Hoof cuttersand pincers

Hoof cutters and pincers

WG1100 Hoof cutter one-handed model black

Price: 85,-


WG1080 WOPA hoof cutter special

Price: 118,-


WG1030 Hoof cutter stainless steel

Price: 97,-


WG1070 Long toe hoof cutter

Price: 68,-


WG1125 Heavy hoof cutter

Price: 109.-


WG1190 Diamond hoof cutter FN15

Price: 140,-


WG1220 Pincers to fasten rubber prosthesis

Price: 66,-


WG1240 Staple pincers to fasten rubber prosthesis

Price: 100,-


WG1260 Hoof hammer to fasten rubber prosthesis

Price: 68,-


All prices are ex works NL or DK and ex VAT. If you are interested in one of above products, send an email with the product numbers, your VAT number and your delivery address to cowcaresia@gmail.com or call (0031 64 22 88 638). We will contact you to discuss how to send the product to you.