At CowCare we offer a wide range of knives, both for farmers and for professional hoof trimmers. All prices mentioned are per knife. If you are looking for a larger amount of knives, we can offer additional discounts. Please ask us for a quotation!


Dick Expert Grip 2K


Hoof knife joint gentle and hygienic 2 component handle made of high alloyed steel. Short and narrow, with a blade length of 67 mm and a width of 8 mm. Extra sharp with a 0 degree scalpel cutting edge for hard claws and high demands. Available in right and left cutting model. Very popular under professional hoof trimmers.

Price: 25,80 per piece. 


Dick Ascot


Hoof knife short and narrow made of carbon steel. Straight blade and rosewood handle. Blade length of 67 mm and width of  8 mm. Available in right and left cutting model.


Price: 22,10 per piece.


Dick Gripmaster


Hoof knife with a straight blade, short and narrow. Ergonomic rosewood handle, blade length 67 mm, width 8 mm. Available in right and left cutting model.

Price: 28,65 per piece.


Dick Economic


Hoof knife long and narrow from stainless steel. Beech wood handle. Blade length 78 mm, width 8 mm. Available in right and left cutting model.

Price: 12,- per piece.


Dick Loop knife


Short, narrow loop knife, used for making the egg shape in the bovine claw. Blade length 58 mm, width 8 mm. Made of carbon steel with a laminated wood handle.

Price: 34,05 per piece 


Hauptner Master knife


Hoof knife, short and narrow. Blade length 67 mm, width 8 mm.  High quality metal and curved wooden handle. Much used by hoof trimmers and vets.


Price: 27,50 per piece 



WG0500 WOPA knife stainless steel right (brown haft)

WG0501 WOPA knife stainless steel left (brown haft)


WG0500 9,75

WG0501 9,75


WG0510 Esculaap knife right (black haft)

WG0511 Esculaap knife left (black haft)


WG0510 25,00

WG0511 25,00


WG0550 Esculaap knife (brown haft)

WG0551 Esculaap knife (brown haft)


WG0550 15,-

WG0551 15,-


WG0910 Special hoof knife sharpened model

Price: 14,-


All prices are ex works NL and ex VAT. If you are interested in one of above products, send an email with the product numbers, your VAT number and your delivery address to or call (0031 64 22 88 638). We will contact you to discuss how to send the products to you.