Grinders +parts

Grinders + parts

WG2091 Metabo angle grinder 800 Watt

WG2044 Metabo angle grinder 950 Watt

WG2049 Metabo angle grinder 1400 Watt

Metabo angle grinders are of high quality and have a function for adapting the power (rpm's), which makes it excellent for hooftrimming.


WG2091 € 124,-

WG2044 € 188,-

WG2049 € 238,-

WG2101 Protection cap for the WG2120

WG2051 Protection cap for all other discs

A protection cap protects your hands and also eyes from injury from flying parts of horn from the claw. A must for every hoof trimmer!


WG2101 € 18,-

WG2051 € 18,-


1003606 - Protection cap "de luxe"

This protection cap protects your hands also from the side. It can be made for Metabo and Makita angle grinders. Works very good together with the Danish type of discs.

When ordering, please let us know what kind (type, Watts) of angle grinder you have.

Price: € 39,95


1003514 - 65 degree hoof rap bracket

The 65 degree hoof rasp bracket, is place on the handgrip. It makes you hold you elbow and shoulder in a more ergonomic way.

Price: € 7,50


All prices are ex works NL and ex VAT. If you are interested in one of above products, send an email with the product numbers, your VAT number and your delivery address to or call (0031 64 22 88 638). We will contact you to discuss how to send the product to you.