800-1 (H)

Model 800-1:

- Hydraulic front hatchway

- Hydraulic front gate

- Hydraulic double harness winch (belly band)

- Hydraulic elevator for crush (>55cm)

- Hydraulic front leg winches

- Hydraulic back leg winches

- Hydraulic leg restraint control system


800-1 (H) - This hydraulic hoof trimming crush has a fully hydraulic control of all functions and is well known for its effective and ergonomic hoof fixation. It is possible to threat all 4 legs at the same time, which makes it one of the fastest crushes available. 


The crush is standard equipped with a hydraulic front hatchway, hydraulic harnass winch (double belly bands), hydraulic head gate, hydraulic elevation of the crush (55 cm), leg winches bach and front legs hydraulic, hydraulic leg restraint system control.

Hoof trimming chute model 800-1 is the ideal solution in cases where quick and effective hoof trimming is required.

The hoof trimming chute is developed with 30 years of experience and meets all the requirements and future demands of farmers and hoof trimmers. It's operational reliability and well established construction make it one of the best crushes in the world. This crush is number one under hoof trimmers in Scandinavia.

Model 800-1 is constructed for cows between 200 and 900 kg. To avoid injuries to the animal, all hydraulic functions are damped in the hydraulic pressure.


There is taken particular consideration to ergonomic operating positions, as the crush can be personal adjusted (in hight) to every user of it.


This crush fulfils the heavy demands of the Machine directive 98/37/EEC of the European Union.


All gate systems and other options which still can be attached to the chute you will find in the price quotation. 


Length: 275 cm + (30 cm if headgate is down)

Width: 145 cm

Height: 190 cm without wheel, 198-211 with wheel

Weight: 950 kg.

Motor: 4 kW


Price: Click on this link for a price quotation in PDF (valid till 31-12-2016)

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Below some video's from the 800-1 hydraulic crush in action:




For more information or inquiries, please send an email to CowCare (CowCareSIA@gmail.com) or call: 00371 2917 2713 or 0031 64 22 88 638.