SA0051 (H)

SA0051 This hydraulic hoof trimming crush can be adjusted in height and is equiped in such a way, that one person can easy lead a cow in the crush. The belly band is made of flexible material and adjusts itself to the chest of the cow. On the backside of the crush there is an attachment which holds a constant pressure to fix the back legs in a very simple way. The height of the crush is only 1,95 meters. The inside space is big enough for both dairy and meat cows.

Some remarks:

The working speed is at maximum level because of the use of cylinders. For the belly band and the winch for the backfeet, the lifting power is equal between lowest and highest position. The required height to drive the crush into a barn is only 1,95 meter (6,4 foot). The buyer has the choice between 230 or 380 Volt, or, against an added price, 230 and 380 Volt. The crush can be put on different heights with the use of adjustable legs. Against an added price the crush can be supplied with disc brakes. Disc brakes can be cleaned more easy and need less maintenance than drum brakes.

Standard hydraulic options on this hoof trimming crush:

- Hydraulic lifting of front legs

- Hydraulic lifting of back legs

- Hydraulic belly band lifting

- Hydraulic front gate

- Hydraulic back bar

- Hydraulic axle 

Price: € 19.800,- excl VAT, ex works


We deliver worldwide!


The following extra options we can offer for the SA0051 hydraulic crush:


- AD04101 - Axle with disk brake

- RD04180 - Special drawbar wheel with 2 wheels

- SA09999 - Crush 15 cm higher model

- RD04130 - Anti bicycle pipe with lights

- RD04195 - Anti kick plates between back and front

- RD04190 - Elevator for complete crush (30 cm)

- RD05170 - Remote control end gates

- EL05170 - Remote control 3 functions

- EL05180 - Remote control 5 functions

- RD04166 - Removeable working lights backfeet

- EL04006 - Working light

- EL04170 - Counter electric with 0 function

- RD57500 - Stainless door in allu nodgate


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Below some movies of the SA0051 in action: