SA0026+ Electric(E)

SA0026+ Electric - Electric hoof trimming crush which is fully galvenized. With build on electric engine, which ensures lifting of belly band, front legs and backlegs electrical (one at a time). The engine is made for heavy duty and needs almost no maintenance.

Also with rolling wheel with bearings and a nylon leg strap at the end of the crush. The crush is delivered with a thick wooden floor (38 mm) and is equiped with front leg support.

This is a so called walk through crush, which means that the cows leaves the crush through the front. Standard equipped with a patented backbar system, which ensures extra stability to the back leg of the cow. This ensures more comfort for both the cow and the trimmer. 

Below you see a picture of the standard SA0026 (without the electric engine made on):


 Price: € 6020,- excl VAT, ex works 

We deliver worldwide!

The following options can be placed on this crush:

- SA0220 Fixing attachment to fasten the back legs

- SA0225 Back bar with gas springs for better fixation of back legs

- SA0659 Floor wideners

- RD03526 Rubber floor mattras

- RD52028 Metal gates (2 mtr) at end of crush

- RD57010 Alloy gates (2 mtr) at end of crush

- WA3010 Wide belly band (with or without rubber)

- SA0340 Transport wheel + holders for transport in farm

- SA0780 Small transport tires for transport in farm

- RD03550 Tool tray, flex holder, cable reel and power sockets (220V)  

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