CowCare Electriccrush (E)

CowCare Electric crush (CB8002)


The CowCare electric crush with 5 electric motors is made for dairy farmers which want a crush where they don't need to do everything manual. We can offer this crush for a very sharp price. 

The unique features of this crush:

- Solid self locking head gate

Front-gate control can be fitted to either side of the crush 

Raised edge prevents the fronthooves from sliding off

Nylon eye in wooden footrest, to prevent rope from tearing

Horizontal and height-adjustable frontleg support

Electric winch for hind legs

5 electric motors (for frontlegs, hindleg and bellyband)

Wide bellyband operated by 2 electric winches

Rear bump bar for securing hindleg

Central emergency stop

Secured gates to steer the cow

More ergonomic because cow stands higher

Widened floor for extra stability 

- Equipped with a service arm with 3-pole socket  and switch LED lamp

- Equipped with a rubber mattrass 


Length: 200 cm

Outside width: 109 cm

Inside width: 72 cm

Outside height: 217 cm

Inside height: 170 cm

Weight: app. 575 kg 

PRICE: € 4750,- excl VAT.  

As you can see this crush is fully equipped and ideal for a dairy farmer. CowCare can deliver this crush wherever you want. If you are interested in purschasing this crush, feel free to contact us by email ( or by phone 00371 2917 2713.