Alu-Hooftrimmer BASIC

CC01 lightweight alloy hoof trimming chute


The CC01 chute is developed together with professional hooftrimmers for professional hoof trimmers. Nowadays we see the hoof trimming chutes become bigger and heavier because we need to trim more and larger herds of cows. The CC01 alloy chute has a weight of 710 kilograms, because it is made from a patented alloy frame. 


The hydraulics on this chute is one of the fastest in the market. The speed of the hydraulics can be individual adjusted by the hoof trimmer himself, making this chute also interesting for starting hoof trimmers.

De CC01 is equipped with hydraulic functions for:

  • Front gate

  • Back bar

  • Front legs

  • Back legs

  • Elevator (35 cm)

  • Belly band

Further standard equipped with:

  • Remote control with 5 functions.

  • LED lights around the chute.

  • Alloy gates with doors (2,40 mtr).

  • Floor with rubber mattress.

  • Hooks for front and back legs.

  • Cable reel for input 380V + 220V.

  • 220V output on both sides of the chute.


Warranty: 1 year on production failures and mistakes.

Sizes: length 205 cm, width 140 cm, height 211 cm.

Weight: 710 kilogram.

Soon will follow more details about the model with axle and towbar. 

Below a picture of one of our clients working with the CC01 and a movie showing how it works:



If you are interested in this chute and would like to see it in reality, it is possible to visit us in The Netherlands. Contact us; tel nr 00371 2917 2713.

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