Alu-Hooftrimmer BASIC

Alu-Hooftrimmer BASIC

The Alu-Hooftrimmer is a unique hoof trimming crush. Hoof trimming asks a lot from the hoof trimmer, but also from the animal. The Alu-Hooftrimmer is developed so that the well being of both animal and hoof trimmer is guaranteed.


What is so special about the Alu-Hooftrimmer?

  • For 90% made out of alloy.

  • Low weight (starts at 600 kg), easy to move in the barn.

  • Ensures a lower fuel consumption.

  • Ergonomic design for cow and hoof trimmer.

  • Sustainable.

  • One of the fastest crushes in the market.

The Alu-Hooftrimmer BASIC comes standard with hydraulic functions for:

  • Front gate

  • Back bar

  • Lifting front legs

  • Lifting back legs

  • Belly band

Also standard equipped with:

  • Alloy gates.

  • Floor with rubber mat

  • Front leg hooks

  • Front leg holders with claw splitter.

  • XL belly band.

  • Back leg hook

  • Cable reel for 380V + 220V input

  • 220V contacts on the sides of the crush

  • Loading eye on top of crush.

  • Axle and/or transport wheel set depends on combination

  • Warranty 1 year

  • With EU registration papers for numberplate

  • CE approved

Extra options possible on the Alu-Hooftrimmer BASIC:

  • Back leg fixation model CC02

  • Elevator 35 cm

  • LED lights around the crush

  • Remote control with 5 functions.

  • W form on back bar.

  • Different axle systems.

  • Complete stainless steel box set.

The Alu-Hooftrimmer BASIC is available in different models:

  • With a 380V or a 220V engine.

  • CC01 or CC02 back side (see movie for difference)

  • With an axle for towing behind a car (and EU numberplate registration).

  • Without an axle

  • With an axle with small wheels.

If you are interested in seeing and working with this crush yourself or if you would like a price quotation, feel free to contact us by email ( or by phone 00371 2917 2713.