Gate system200-1

Gate system model 200-1

Model 200-1 is the newest gate system, developed for the following hoof trimming crushes: 800-1 and 650-SP2. This gate system has a holding area inside it, so that always one cow is standing ready behind the chute. After this holding area it is equipped with 2 x 2 meter gates on both sides, ensuring area for one or more cows to be hold ready.

Gate system 200-1 is pulled out from the crush when a hooftrimmer or farmer starts to work. By pulling gate system 200-1 out, there arises a free working space around the crush. CowCare SIA has developed the CowCare trailer, on which it is easy and fast to move the 200-1 gate system. Making it ideal for large herds and small herds.  Below you will find a picture of a 800-1 with a 200-1 gate system behind it. It is one of the most sold gate systems in combination with the 800-1.

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