Farm equipment

Support for cow's  head

Medicine can easily be administered and treatment of the cows  head is possible without danger to herdsman or animal.
In one single movement you can put and inmobilize the cows head in the right position.
If the cow lies down you can easily release the cow by means of the safety catches.

When the cow is held in the feeding crush, put the apparatus around the cows head by moving the support upwards and hook it on the upper bar of the feeding crush.

Price: € 120,-

This Calfpuller is easy to handle. The rump frame is placed over the cow's rear with the open end towards the backbone. Then the ropes are attached to both calf's legs and to lever mecanism in that order. Now gently tension the ropes and it will adopt the correct position whether the cow is standing up or lying down.
This apparatus consists of two main parts the ratchet pole with lever mechanism and the rumpframe with pivoting-fork. All parts are constructed in stainless steel.
The unique rump-frame with pivoting-fork encircles the rear of the cow making it impossible for the frame to slip away from the cow. The pivoting-fork is an original design feature which permits the herdsman to direct the pulling tension from the lever mechanism in the ideal way. Downwards for a normal birth and upwards for breatch presentations. This feature gives the Vink Calfpuller its "single-handed" ability, it needs no extra person to hold it in place to prevent it slipping away during delivery.
It can not slip out of position. 
Single-handed calving-aid stays where you want it, when you need it.
It can help to efficiently draw the calf in the correct way for both normal and breach presentations.
It has a rotating lever system which greatly assists manoeuvering the calf during birth.
The Vink Calfpuller is beautifully designed, robust and is constructed in stainless steel to ensure long and troublefree service 
During a normal presentation one should draw downwards in the direction of the udder untill the head is born and then in a  horizontal line.
When the calf's pelvis threatens to lock in the cow's pelvis one should draw more in the direction of the udder 

In case of a posterion presentation, the draw  should be  upwards  towards the tall untill the legs are born and then change to a horizontal line.

Price (180 cm): € 225,-

Cattlebrush with dispenser
The Vink Cattlebrush with Dispenser. A cleverly constructed combination of cattlebrush with pesticide dispenser.
Keeps the skin of the animals clean and healthy.
The solution of the problem how to fight skin parasites as: sarcoptes, lice, fungus and skin diseases caused by flies.
Effective and economical use of the pesticide because of the adjustable on/off control tap.

Rubs the pesticide well into the irriated skin because the animals use the brush especially on the itching spots.

Price: € 180,- 

Catlle brush - standart (without dispenser)
The only one guaranteed to work without problems. Special long-life nylon brushes. Horizontal brush movable in any direction. Soundly constructed spring suspension.
The unique construction of this brush makes breaking impossible. Because of the flexible construction of the horizontal brush it will be proof against animals in heat mounting each other.

 The spring of the horizontal brush is pressed around the tube with great force. As a result the maximum number of windings is utilised and the brush cannot turn.

Price: € 98,- 

A cow that cannot stand may yet be saved.  Can be adjusted easily.
Indispensable on every dairy-farm.
Bring the apparatus around the hips of the animal as visible in the picture. Turn the spindle tight. Lift the animal slowly up so that it can stand up easily. As soon as the animal is standing, take the tension off the cable. Now the apparatus will hold the animal so that it does not fall sideways. It does not make sense to put animals in the apparatus for a longer time, if they cannot stand up at all. It is important to turn these animals every three hours on their other side.

It is constructed so that with proper use, it will not cause bruising around the hipbone.

Price: € 112,50


Cleans, scrubs and desinfects without electrical power. Provided with a scraper to remove the heavy soiling. 3 Brush-height sizes, to suit ankle, calf or kneeboots. Provided with jets on sides and bottom, so that the soles are also cleaned and desinfected.

Price: € 130,-



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