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Initially in the case of hoof complaints, we often only see the affliction of the affected animal, but in reality, the damage runs much deeper. Hoof problems can, for instance, lead to a reduction in the milk yield and can have a negative impact on fertility (longer periods between calves).

Hoof afflictions in cattle and sheep are usually the result of a variety of factors:
-     Accommodation
-     Feed
-     Hygiene
-     Production level
-     Breeding
-     Breed

In order to help livestock breeders maintain the hooves of their cattle and sheep in optimum condition, Intracare developed Intra Hoof-fit Gel, Intra Hoof-fit Liquid and Intra Hoof-fit Bath. These products were developed in close collaboration with dairy farmers, veterinary surgeons, farriers and cattle specialists and have been tested extensively in the field.

1. Intra Hoof-fit Gel is extremely suitable for the individual treatment of hoof problems.
2. Intra Hoof-fit Liquid has been specially developed for treating 
groups of animals. This treatment is preferably administered using a low-pressure spray unit.
3. Intra Hoof-fit Bath has been specially developed for preventive 
 treatment. This will have the best effect when used in the specially developed Intra Bath.

To see an overview with the different hoofproblems which can occur in dairy cows, check this link: Hoofproblems in dairy cows.

CowCare SIA can offer you all the different products of Intracare, just send us a request with the products which you would like to recieve and we will contact you (only for customers from the Baltic States).

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Indication prices
Artikel Nr. Product Packing Price in
4000330 Hoof-fit Gel 330 ml 21,95
4010010 Hoof-fit Liquid 10 L 120,00
4060020 Hoof-fit Bath 20 L 140,00
4060200 Hoof-fit Bath 200 L 1.200,00
4060001 Intra Hoof-fit tape per tape 1,99

Prices are ex VAT, ex transport


 Intra Hoof-fit Gel

This high concentration gel is extremely suitable for the treatment of individual animals. The gel treats many hoof infections and its other ingredients, such as Aloe Vera for example, ensure that the hoof is quickly restored to its optimum condition. The gel is well-known for its strong adhesive ability. As a result of this, it continues to exert its healing effect on the hoof for days.

The product contains:

  • Aloe Vera plant extract
  • Organic chelated minerals (copper and zinc)
  • Alcohol
  • Nourishing and protective substances;
  • Special adhesives;
  • Stabilising and emulsifying agents.

Packaging: 330 ml pot (including a special brush)


Intra Hoof-fit Gel is primarily suitable for the individual treatment of cows (and sheep) with hoof problems. When treating with Intra Hoof-fit Gel, apply according to the following method:

1. Trim the hooves 2 to 3 times per year. Preferably, you should engage the services of a professional farrier to trim all of the animals.
2. Clean the hoof thoroughly. Make sure that all manure has been removed from the hoof, including from the interdigital cleft, then dry the hoof.
3. Smear the afflicted hoof and the interdigital cleft with Intra Hoof-fit Gel using the brush supplied.
4. Thanks to its unique adhesive properties, Intra Hoof-fit Gel remains effective for up to 4 to 5 days. If necessary, repeat treatment after this period.
5. In the case of very severe problems, we recommend that you tape the hoof. After a maximum of 4 days, remove the tape and repeat treatment with Intra Hoof-fit Gel (this time without taping the hoof afterwards).


 Intra Hoof-fit Liquid

Intra Hoof-fit Liquid can be used for treating cows with hoof problems both individually and collectively.

The product contains:

  • Aloe Vera plant extract
  • Organic chelated minerals (copper and zinc)
  • Alcohol
  • Nourishing and protective substances
  • Special adhesives that provide a high level of adhesion even when the hooves are wet
  • Stabilising and emulsifying agents.

Packaging: 5 litre and 10 litre can.

Treatment of the herd can be carried out manually using a low-pressure spray unit. When using the low-pressure sprayer to carry out treatment, the following method should be applied:

1. Secure the animals to the feed rack.
2. Spray the hooves clean with water, remembering to clean the interdigital cleft.
3. Use a low-pressure spray unit to spray the Intra Hoof-fit Liquid onto the rear of the hooves and into the interdigital space. Repeat this treatment on a weekly basis. 
4. Always begin with a 50% solution. For prevention purposes and/or in the event of slight hoof problems, reduce the dosage if necessary to a 20% solution.


 Intra Hoof-fit Tape

In the event of serious problems, it is recommended that you use Intra Hoof-fit Tape. The tape protects the hoof from external factors following treatment. Since cows usually stand on moist ground with their feet, it is recommended that you protect the hoof following treatment of inflammation. The Intra Hoof-fit Tape protects the hoof from these influences.

Following treatment of the hoof with Intra Hoof-fit Gel, tape up the hoof with Intra Hoof-fit Tape. Remove the tape after a maximum of 4 days.


 Intra Hoof-fit Bath

Hoof-fit Bath is developed in close cooperation with farmers, veterinarians, hoof trimmers and have been thoroughly field tested within the Intra Footbath, but can be also used in a regular bath Hoof-fit Bath

Hoof-fit Bath contains:

Complex of organic buffered acids, Chelated minerals, Aloe Vera, Alcohol, inhibitors, Skin care product, Preservative and colouring agent


20 liter and 200 and 1000 liter

Before using the Hoof-fit Bath it is recommended to clean the claws with water first or use a second hoof bath with fresh water to keep the bath as clean as possible. Use 3% till 5% Hoof-fit Bath (3 - 5 litres Hoof-fit Bath per 100 litres of water). Recommend changing hoof bath solution every 200 cows that walk through. For whole herd hoof health prevention and treatment solutions, use Hoof-fit Bath once a week. In the event of serious whole herd hoof problems use the Hoof-fit Bath for three consecutive days to treat the entire herd.