Cowslip bandage

Cowslip bandage

Description of the product 

The cowslip should be placed between the claws. It consists of a sponge-like body with Velcro. Before applying you have to put a antiseptic substance (f.e. Bovivet Hoof Gel, or Intra Hoof-fit gel) on the cowslip.
After applying the cowslip, the cow can walk normally and the cowslip avoids an infection such as with manure.
When walking, the sponge-like body touches the infected area, so the antiseptic substances can heal the infection fast and good. 

Treatment of the diseases of the claw

With the cowslip good treatment and / or curing of the following diseases is possible digital dermatitis / Mortellaro, inflammation between claw, foot rot, etc.

Applying the cowslip

First put the cow in a hoof trimming crush and lift the leg. Clean the leg and trim it. If the claw is infected with digital dermatitis, inflammation between the claws or foot rot, the cowslip can be used.

The claws are trimmed and any excess or rotten horn is taken off. The affected areas are properly imposed and such treated with Bovivet Hoof Gel / Intra Hoof-fit gel or other disinfectant substance. 

After that the cowslip need to be put in the wright side on the claw, for a clear view, see the pictures.

Refilling the cowslip 

Refilling of the cowslip with new gel or spray can be easily done. Best place to do this is when the cow is standing in a hoof trimming crush or in the milking parlor. For fast curing, check once a day!

Removing the cowslip

At least five days the cow needs to walk with the cowslip.
Remove the cowslip in the milking parlor, at the feeding station or in the hoof trimming crush.

The big plus of the cowslip: It is washable and multiple times useable!

Price per cowslip: € 10,95 ex VAT.

Price for box with 10 cowslips: € 100,- ex VAT.

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