Bovivet HoofBandage

Bovivet Hoof Bandage

Bovivet Hoof Bandage is a complete bandage, ready to apply. It is made of a water repelling material that keeps unwanted liquids out.

Its shape and elastic materials are designed to keep the stocking in place. A treatment pad placed inside the bandage makes dosing easy, such as with Intracare gel, once the bandage is put in place.

After application of the bandage you still have the option of applying another dosis of gel, since the bandage design lets you check the progress of the treatment whenever you want.


The bandage remains in place, and you can be sure there will be no complications. Bovivet hoof bandage is easily and quickly positioned, makes dosing easy and is easy to take off again.

Bovivet Hoof Bandage is available in packages of 10 bandages in size XL.

Price per package: € 29,95 ex VAT.

If taken in larger amounts the price is:

100 bandages: € 26,95 per 10 pcs, excl VAT.

500 bandages: € 23,95 per 10 pcs, excl VAT.

1000 bandages: € 20,95 per 10 pcs, excl VAT.

To order, call 0031 64 22 88 638 or send an email (

Below a video which shows how to use the product: