Bovivet HoofGel

Bovivet Hoof Gel

Bovivet Hoof Gel contains Salicylic Acid (40%) and Aloe Vera. It is a gel which can be used by farmers, vets and hoof trimmers, when trimming the cows. Bovivet Hoof Gel heals digital and interdigital dermatitis.



Management and treatment of the individual animal have been found to be the most effective weapons in the fight against digital dermatitis (also called Mortellaro disease).

Bovivet Hoof Gel has a number of advantages in comparison with "traditional" productsL

- Dosing is easy

- More economical per treatment

- Reduces health risks to the user due to inhalation

Bovivet Hoof Gel can be optimal used in combination with the Bovivet Hoof Bandages, but also with existing hoof bandages.

Bovivet Hoof Gel 40% is available in 500 ml package.

Price: € 18,95 ex VAT

If ordering 24 pieces: € 16,95 per piece.

You can order this product by phone  (0031 64 22 88 638) or by email (                                 



      Before treatment                     After 1st treatment         After 2nd treatment