CowCare TrolleyWheel

CowCare Trolley Wheel

In the last years we have seen that the hoof trimming chutes are becoming more and more heavy, because of the large amounts of additional functions which are more and more standard build on a chute. This makes transporting a hoof trimming chute and placing it in a barn more and more difficult.

CowCare SIA has found a solution for this. We have developed a trolley wheel working on a fuel engine motor. The fuel engine motor make it possible for a hoof trimmer to fast load and unload its hoof trimming chute from a trailer into the barn and out of it again.


Because the trolley wheel is working on a fuel engine you don't need to be afraid that it will not have enough power or is loosing power. 


With the trolley wheel it is possible to pull and push a crush. As shown in the picture above, it can also be used to push a crush on a trailer (as long as the angle is not too large).

Below a movie from our YouTube channel showing a CowCare trolley wheel driving on a trailer with a 800-1 hoof trimming chute, weighing 950 kilogram. 


The trolley wheel can be used by all brands of crushes, but is standard made to work on the 650-SP2 and 800-1.

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