About us

About us


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About CowCare



CowCare SIA is a private owned company, which started its operations in 2007 in Valmiera, Latvia. We sell our products not only in Europe but also worldwide. Our clients are based from Chile to Russia and from Norway to India. So make your choice in our product range and we will give you the best service. The main field of operation is the sales of hoof trimming equipment and materials: 

  • Sales of different models of hoof trimming crushes worldwide.
  • Sales of hoof bloc adhesives. 
  • Sales of hoof gel, tape, spray, liquid and hoof baths. 
  • Sales of farm equipment like NEDAP Heat detection system. 
  • Providing professional trainings and seminars for farmers, veterinaries or other interested. 
  • Consultations on the field of claw health, f.e how to build a barn, claw friendly, worldwide.
  • Consultations at sales of heifers, dairy cows and meat cows Europe wide. 

Hoof trimming is our passion and our aim is to provide the client with service, quality and knowledge. These three aspects are in our view necessary to make a good cooperation possible between the needs of the client and the products/services which we offer. That’s also the reason why our company chooses to work only with producers which can offer the highest quality standards.


In the past year we have focussed more and more on the sales of a full package of hoof trimming equipment and products. From hoof trimming crushes till hoof trimming books, we offer it all. We do our best to offer our clients the biggest choise of products. For that reason we also offer hoof trimming crushes from two different manufacturers.  


To increase our market share and the amount of service to our foreign customers, we are looking for sales partners Europe wide . Also companies from other countries, interested in selling our products are free to contact us. To give a short summary, in 2014 we delivered to customers in over 43 countries worldwide. 
In order to keep informed about the services and products of our competitors, with new equipment and working methods, the company actively participates in trade fairs and exhibitions both in Latvia and abroad.

We are proud to be called by our customers "the specialists in hooftrimming", because of the diversity and quality we deliver. A titlle to be proud of! 


If you also would like to be served by "the specialists in hooftrimming", feel free to contact us and we would be pleased to help you!


Hoping for a successful cooperation,


Hens Mekking (MSc)

Director, CowCare SIA